Thursday, 9 October 2008

"Agile" Birthday to Us

So my run of presenting seems to be continuing what with my WatiN nuggets at NxtGenUG Southampton, followed by my WatiN nugget success at Remix 08 and then a recent WatiN nugget at NxtGenUG Cambridge I figured it was may be time for a change. So I am teaming up with a good friend of mine Plamen Balkanski to do a full session on Scrum and Agile methods at NxtGenUG Southampton, it's also the Southampton region's 1st birthday so it should be quite fun with the usual pizza and swag a plenty.

The session will essentially be an introduction to Scrum, what is it all about and why your company may benefit from using it, but we'll also be getting everyone involved in an agile planning game that will ensure that every single attendee will "feel" what it is like to be involved in an Agile project when it is done correctly.

The session is taking place on Thursday 16th October and you can find more details about it here, I look forward to seeing you there.


Anonymous said...

Really good session. I look forward to the slides. Thanks

Richard Allen said...

Glad you enjoyed it, the session slides can now be found on my sky drive,