Wednesday, 5 October 2011

CodeKen - the replacement conference for StackOverflow DevDays

CodeKen London 2011 is a brand new developer conference delivering two days of hands-on coding oriented content over the 14 - 15th November in London. The event was organised in response to the cancellation of the Stackoverflow DevDays conferences and includes many of the original speakers like Jon Skeet, Robert Pickering and Richard Marr.

The talks cover a wide range of subjects including programming style, MongoDB, NodeJS, HTML5, REST services and more.

In addition to an eclectic mix of talks CodeKen 2011 is launching a developer side project competition. The goal is to encourage and publicise developers that are spending their spare time working on interesting projects. Five finalists will be given a free ticket to the conference and a chance to present their project at the event.

See the full conference schedule and more information on the CodeKen Side Project competition on the conference site -