Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Another Cracking Session

Last Thursday 16th October saw another great session at NxtGenUG Southampton, Plamen Balkanski and myself discussed Scrum and Agile techniques and end the session with a planning game that was based around a NxtGen pizza machine.

Everyone was split into groups of 5 people and given two iterations of 10 minutes to produce drawings/models of the end product, the whole point of the game is to give people a very brief introduction into what it might feel like to be on an agile team. The response we had from most members was generally positive and they all had fun although some people were a little confused and didn't quite get it.

If any one is interested in the slides they can be found here.

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Dan Meineck said...

Good work! I remember doing this with Plamen and James when introducing Scrum to others in Alterian - it was fun!

At the time I didnt realise that the guy sat next to me who was very happy to contribute and write up fake joke work for the sake of the game just happened to be the VP of development for the entire company!

Ignorance is bliss :D