Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Silverlight Assault Course - Bournemouth

Us guys at NxtGenUG - Southampton have been putting our heads together to create a complete day of Silverlight, we figured the best way to learn all this new technology is to get your hands on it and play with it whilst in the presence of people that know and can help answer your questions.  The great thing for me is that this event will be based in Bournemouth which is my home town!

Keep your eye on the NxtGenUG event list for more details on the final date of this. We are thinking that the day will consist of a bunch of hands on labs that give you some typical walk through scenarios allowing you to understand how things happen in Silverlight. There will also be key speakers that will deliver talks on the different aspects of Silverlight and how they fit within the current development world.

This is still in the planning stages but we are looking to get this all together within the next couple of months, I was just wondering whether anybody has some suggestions on the kind of content you would like in an event like this, please feel free to add comments with your suggestions.



Unknown said...

Here's some suggestions:

- Customising templates for the existing controls.
- Creating custom stylable controls
- interacting with the HTML DOM
- and perhaps some LINQ to XML stuff would be useful in relation to using web services in Silverlight

Are you planning to wait until beta 2 comes out before running this event?

Richard Allen said...

As far as I know the anticipated release of Beta 2 is in May/Early June. The event is most likely going to be at the end of June/Early July so hopefully the timing should be just about right.