Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Lets Twist Again

If anybody attended Fest '08 this year and you managed to see Josh Twist perform his WPF and data binding magic then you will know that this guy is an excellent speaker who delivers a fun packed informative session that certainly left me thinking " that is how you are supposed to use all of this Expression Blend stuff".

Well tomorrow sees the return of the Twist to NxtGenUG but this time we have the pleasure of his company down on the south coast in the Southampton region, Josh will be giving us a WPF and data binding refresher with some new stuff for those that managed to catch the Fest 08 session.

Of course there will be the usual pizza and swag and hey as it's the festive may be there will some merriment of some kind.

Hope to see you there

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Unknown said...

looking forward to this one. I've already got my questions ready