Friday, 22 August 2008

WatiN Nugget at NxtGen Southampton

So last night I managed to get through my nugget on WatiN relatively unscathed, the demo overran which I was a little disappointed about but I hope everybody took something from it.

I was in a small dilemma prior to performing the nugget as I wanted to talk about how great WatiN is and demonstrate what you can do with it but in the back of my mind I knew that it is very easy for you WatiN tests to become large in number and unmaintainable, so I wanted to talk about the controller framework I have been developing to give people an idea of the kind of things you can do to make sure your tests do not get out of hand.

I shall be performing this nugget again at the Cambridge NxtGenUG, its titled Not Wifeswap, Coordinator Swap, the title doesn't really tell you what its about but basically John and I are going to perform the session we did last night up at the Microsoft Research Centre where the Cambridge boys are based.

So the main lessons learned from last nights session were I think that 15 minutes isn't long enough (by a long way) to talk about best practices of writing WatiN tests, so I shall just focus on what WatiN can do, may be show a few more of the functions for working Ajax based web sites and then just point people to my blog for more information about the framework etc. If anyone reading my blog attended the event last night, I'd be really interested in your feedback.


WatINtheWorld said...

I was really interested to see that it's not only me that finds WatiN a great & flexible Test Harness! Quite right though, WatiN does deserve more time, and I'll certainly be looking at doing a Nugget of my own at some point. I definately found the Nugget of use. Thanks

P.S can I have a look @ your slides, as I missed them (had a slow Chauffeur)!

Richard Allen said...

The slides don't really have any content in them, just one slide detailing what you need to get started, you are better off looking at my previous blog posts and which pretty much contain the info from the nugget.